Monday, October 4, 2010


I am known to God!  You are known to God!  Fully, completely, perfectly and passionately known!!!  Does that excite you, encourage you...or does it make you a wee bit nervous? J

You are holy, chosen and dearly loved by God!  Don’t allow the evil one to rob any of your joy, any of your peace, any of your reception of those truths just because there is stuff within you needing work or in need of complete removal!

Wait on God to work!

Seek His face, sit at His feet, lean into His heart and then wait on Him for your next move.  Sometimes sitting back and waiting is being passive.  Sometimes it is being obedient.  Waiting takes discipline and self-denial! 

We want to move our own agenda along...NOW.  We want our imperfections perfected...NOW.  Waiting is much more difficult.  But the obedience to wait on God’s perfect timing will reap a harvest more abundant in due time.  It is His work, not ours.

Latch onto faith!

Believe all His capabilities are available for you! 
Believe all His goodness is zeroed in on you!
Believe His purposes for your life are grander than you imagine!
Believe God!
Believe Big!

Enjoy the ride!

Ride the twists and turns holding on tight.  Enjoy the ride because it will end all too soon.  You don’t want to have missed the experience once the ride is all over.  Unlike the roller coaster at the fair, you don’t get another turn.  Everyone gets just one.  There is no going back to enjoy what we were fearful over and unsure of.  

We know how the ride ends.  It’s good.  So enjoy the ride you’re on!

Stay faithful.
Be obedient.
Trust God.
And enjoy the ride!