Saturday, September 4, 2010


You’ve often heard others say “press into” God.  But before any pressing can happen the choice to resist other leans must be made. 

I cannot press into a hug from my child if I am drawn towards something else.  I may participate in the hug—go through the motions of an embrace—but I am not completely loving and receiving love at that moment if I am distracted in mind or in body.

The same is true for God. 

I cannot truly press into God and receive the fullness of His love (and all that His love offers) when I am distracted by other avenues in which to lean. 

Trusting...somewhat...will not leave me peace.
Believing...kind of...will not give me hope.
Rejoicing...if easy...will not bring deep joy.
Obeying...sporadically...will not make me mature.
Serving...if convenient...will not grow humility. body only...will not lend me rest.
Receiving...only good stuff...will not grow contentment
Dying...unless it’s costly...will not make me like Jesus!

So I am learning leaning. J 
I am responding to how God is drawing me to His heart today.  Not in attempts to do it perfectly, because I can’t.  And it’s by grace alone that I am even drawn to Him in the first place!  But, for me, it is consciously being aware of double-leaningness in my heart... or distraction... or laziness.

A full court press in basketball is not the time to be lazily passing the ball around.  No—it is serious, full-focused effort to move the ball down the court.  That’s what I am learning in leaning.  That it takes my fully focused effort to press into God and resist the urge, the doubts, the impatience I may be feeling to give up too soon and not receive all that is available to me.

I want God’s fullness realized in me!  

Now that’s worth leaning into!

~I really liked this picture of the trees and love how the're leaning into the Son!~