Thursday, June 3, 2010

Purpose To Pursue I’m reading through the book of John rreeeaaallllll slow and got stopped the other day on “He (Jesus) purposed to go forth...” (1:43) 

Of course, all the questions started smacking me at once...
How am I at purposing?
Do I go forward with purpose?
What areas in my life are in need of more purpose?

I desire to be different!  I don’t desire likeness or sameness with those around me.  The difference I desire is the difference of Jesus!

Many who call themselves by His name, God knows not (Mt 7:21-29).  There has to be purpose to live my life in such a way that Jesus is reflected in my word, my deeds, my actions—in all of my being.  If He “purposed” than so should I!

Jesus also loved well!  My purpose should be to love and love well.  Not out of myself because that love will always fall short.  Mine is conditional and circumstantial.  Jesus loved regardless of person or station.  His love was pure, His love was deep, His love was intentional.  Is mine?

What about befriending the lonely?  Do I pursue the lonely?  In all my relationships there needs to be more giving on my part with no expectation of receiving...other than the Father’s pleasure.

Do I purpose to please God and only God?  There will never be disappointment in His pleasure.  The only time it is not enough is when I rest my eyes on the acceptance of others.  Ahhhh...I’m learning to let go of this one more and more.... J

“He purposed to go forth...and found....”

Finding takes action!  Finding truth, finding peace, finding restoration, finding purpose, finding freedom, finding any thing worth anything takes effort and action.  Being purposeful in my pursuit of Him will lead me to find more than I could ever ask or imagine.

Purpose to pursue!

Jesus pursued that which the Father directed Him to.  Where He went and who He ministered to was established by God.  But as He was guided by God in where to go and what to do and say—He did these things purposefully.  He did not hesitate.  He did not debate the worthiness or impact of the effort.  He did not seek after His own desires (food, sleep,!).  He willingly focused on and exerted Himself to accomplish the will of the Father.

This is what He has called us to as well.  He has called us to live purposefully and actively in the place He has placed us.  Allowing ourselves to be directed by Him through the Holy Spirit in the way we should go.  And then—to go forth with zeal!

Not always will it be fun or what we want to be doing.  Not always will it make sense or its true impact realized in our eyes.  Some times it will just be hard!

I am learning to let God’s pleasure in me be enough—in many areas...relationships, expectations, dreams, ministries, responsibilities, difficulties...what have you.  And I am finding, when I choose to let Him be enough...He always is!

I purpose to pursue God and godliness!
I purpose to live differently--like Christ!
I purpose to do the work involved in following the Light!

I purpose to go forth and be found in Him!