Saturday, April 23, 2011

Black Saturday

The day after Good Friday . . .
The day before Resurrection Sunday . . .

HOPE . . . a simple word and yet not simply earned.

The words to a song state, “All our hope is in you, Lord, the light of the world.”

Without God’s light, 
no thing could penetrate the darkness of that Saturday.  
Without the darkness of that Saturday, 
the light would not be so transforming on Sunday!

We rejoice!  For victory belongs to the Lord!  
Victory over sin
Victory over the grave
Victory over death of life and death of living purposeless and estranged from God!

Victory is His!  Victory is sure!

Victory has been accomplished—
at the cross and at the cross roads of each heart 
seeking and responding to His call 
upon their soul to repent and be saved!

Victory is God’s in His precious Son, Jesus!

I weep much today over His death, the brutality of His lashings, the heaviness of the cross He bore and later was bound to.  The nails did not, could not hold Him there—but love...

Love bore the stripes that now heal.
Love walked Him down the road to Golgotha.
Love carried the weight of the beams across His weakened body.
Love laid Himself out—arms open wide—the sacrificial Lamb.
Love kept Him on the cross when mocked and jeered.
Love took on the weight of the sins of the world for all and for all of time.
Love carried the deceptions of the evil one embedded in the minds of captives.
Love freed the captives from sin’s slavery and from the chains of death!

As Love was lifted up, so was the salvation of any lost soul who has or will someday bow their knee in confession and repentance—in need and recognition of that Love.

Death could not be victorious because God’s perfect Love penetrated the darkness of death and won!  Victory is His because Love is His!  He is the Creator and Sustainer of all things good, holy and righteous.  His love casts out all fear.  

There is no fearthere is no darkness where His Love abounds.  
There is no death where His Love prevails.

Victory is God’s!  The captives are His!  Because Love is His!
He loves willingly and unconditionally and equally.  
His love is complete. 

His Jesus is His love given over for many.
His Jesus is His love poured out for all mankind.
His Jesus is His love sacrificially, once for all, perfectly given to all who would recognize God as Lord of their lives and over their world.

Love is defined by Jesus!  If we want to love well, we need to study Jesus—reflect Jesus—live as Jesus lived amongst those living around us. 

Victory is in Jesus!  Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection completed God’s love.  From the beginning of time this was His plan; to love the world from darkness to light in the hope of His perfect Son, Jesus.

All victory is Theirs!  All victory will ever be—God’s in Christ Jesus!

Death, burial, grief, struggle, sin and hardship all have their day in this sinful worldThe darkness will have its day.  But joy comes in the morning!  Joy unspeakable and full of glory!  God’s glory!  The glory bore on the cross of Love.  Nothing can and nothing will conquer either one.

The victory is already God’s!  
The victory is God’s until the end!  
The victory is God’s for all eternity! 

Sunday’s a comin’...O happy day!

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