Monday, March 1, 2010

Nate's Stitches

Many of you have been following my journey here, as well as that of my family, for quite some time now.  Just writing that is humbling.  There is nothing sweeter than the fellowship of the body—of building one another up in the Lord.  

Here's the latest in the McKay family saga...

While my husband and I were at our Action Group Sunday night, minutes before bedtime (of course), Faith (6 y.o.) had a toy Nate (3 y.o.) wanted.  Nate lost "the discussion".  He fell and hit the corner of the hose outlet for our vacuum cleaner.  We got the call from the Bigs to come home and headed to the hospital.  The story he repeated constantly the 30 minute drive to the hospital was "Faith threw me to the wall!"  :)

We got him up to the hospital a bit before 9:00 p.m. but they were really busy and didn't get to him until after midnight.  Pretty traumatic!  They mummified him in a contraption so he couldn't move with a nurse holding his head still (which was scary) then kept giving him shots around the eye to numb him (which hurt and was even more scary).  They were so pleased with how well he did for his age and being so tired. So were we!  It was a very deep cut so inner stitches were needed as well as the outer ones.  

The poor guy was so confused.  He thought the doctor was just going to take his owie off.  Boy, did that NOT happen—instead the doctor gave him more owies!  He went from being everyone's darling ("He is sooo cute!") and eating up the attention to "just get me outta here!"

First man scar, here we come! :)