Thursday, April 9, 2009

Should We Celebrate?

Easter Sunday is a day of celebration!

I know that there are some who do not believe that we should celebrate the holidays celebrating our Lord. Doing so condones the mixing of the Christian religion with pagan practices. Others believe God would not want us to just focus in on one certain day decided for whatever reasons (again, some possibly pagan) as a day to celebrate His birth, His death, or His resurrection.

That’s fine. But I love these celebrations!

I love the days that are set apart from all of the others in a year so that I can focus my heart, focus the heart of my home, focus the hearts that abide in this home in a different way, in a special way, in an extraordinary—out of routine—sort of way!

We celebrate weddings, births, anniversaries, and anniversaries of births. We celebrate the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Daytona 500, Wimbledon and the Olympics. We celebrate achievements, victories, raises, learning and blue ribbons.

I want the biggest, grandest, most heart-felt celebrations of all in my home to be those celebrating Christ!

So, in that grand scale of celebratory style, we celebrate Easter--we focus in on and reflect on all of Holy Week!

Just like the Israelites in the Old Testament were to set up Monuments of Remembrance of God's faithfulness for the generations to follow, so we celebrate in our family these days.

Days in which we stop our normal routine, focus and refresh our hearts.

We are reminded of the prophetic words of Old and their fulfillment in the New.

We quiet our minds, our busy-ness, our daily life to rest in the lavish love of God.

We quiet our hearts and we remember...