Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun Family Easter Activities to Help Us Focus

There are several ways we can spend Passion Week reflecting on Jesus, the cross and the tomb that could not hold Him!

Here are just a few hands-on activities that our family has either done in the past or will be doing this year.
Resurrection Buns -- Cinnamon bun-like that is hollow in the center, like the tomb.

Resurrection Cookies -- Cookies that are left in the oven overnight and are also found to be hollow inside when they are broken into Easter morning. Differenct scriptures are read as each ingredient is added.

Resurrection Eggs -- Various items are chosen to fill 12 plastic, colored eggs that have to do with different aspects of the Holy Week--from when Jesus entered Jerusalem until He rose from the dead.

Resurrection Eggs for an Egg Hunt or for a Sunday School Class Discussion -- Same type of idea as above except there are 22 eggs with items and a verse description also included. Eggs are marked and hidden either outside or in a room. The children gather the eggs and take turns opening them up and sharing what's inside.

Create an Easter Garden -- A beautfiul, reflective touch of creation.

Make an Easter Tree -- Lovely artwork from creation through Jesus' appearance before His disciples. These are printed out and hung on a "tree" made from branches with the corresponding scripture reads and reflective thoughts also offered.