Monday, December 8, 2008

My Today

The desire I have is to be hopeful, expectant, looking forward with peace... The reality is that I am deeply saddened. I feel a dark around me that threatens to suffocate.

What I know is that God is on the throne and Jesus is King...King then, now and forever. What I feel is an aggitation and not a fear so much of the future--because I know what my future entails--but a fear of the ride ahead.

I think about the quiet rain of tears that waters buried prayers waiting for change. Waiting for better things. Waiting -- no, yearning --- for the return of the King and all the perfection we weep for. Ann Voskamp

I see compromise and lowering of His standards. I cringe. This is when I wish that I had a say in the salvation and continued sanctification of my own children. What they see around them as "acceptable". A watered down version of "Christ-like-ness". Will they want to run to it because it seems more palatable, more fun than what Dad and Mom are offering at home from the Word? Will our up and coming generation of believers believe enough, believe deeply, know what it is that they even believe to hold high the standard and shine as beacons of light in this dark, lost and dying world?

I wonder, I wait, I ask, I yearn and yes...I weep...

Some paths of the journey are just hard to walk. They are sad. They are difficult. They are frought with questions. They are what make us look heavenward and cry out..."Today, would be a great day to come! Take us to perfection"