Sunday, September 28, 2008

WOW! A God Honoring Movie -- "Fireproof"

Hubby and I went to see this on Saturday. Not only was it an entertaining movie with a strong message, but its message is God honoring. (You will need to pause the music on my sidebar before playing the video trailer).

I emphatically encourage you to grab your spouse and go as soon as possible. We all know how the movie industry works. The higher the attendance when the movie first comes out, the longer its stay at the theatres. In this instance, the higher number of attendees in this first week out could increase the number that see it altogether and are mightily impacted in their marriages, families their hearts.

This movie could have a HUGE impact in bringing lost, hurting people to Christ.

This movie could have a HUGE impact in bringing restoration to the lives and marriages of many who are already believers in Christ Jesus.

So grab your honey, some money for tickets and popcorn and enjoy a night out just the two of you. A night out with Godly entertainment with a powerful message. Then, like us, consider taking your older children to it as well. It's that good! And we want to support organizations like this to encourage more productions like this one.