Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Dough Boys

Jesse was in charge of entertaining Nate so decided they would make some scrumptuous chocolate chip cookies! Yum!

Here are my 2 handsome bakers.
Sharing the love with Daddy. A little light reading while the cookies are baking.
Fresh, hot baked cookies straight from the oven! Definitely loved around here!

We like to double up a cookie recipe and freeze the majority of the dough in balls to keep ready in the freezer. I have a small dough scoop that I use when making cookies. I usually bake up 2 pans and then do a flash freeze on the rest of the dough. I then pop these in a large zip-top bag for the freezer. Whenever we want fresh baked cookies (even if it is the very next day:) all I need do is put some dough balls on the pan, let them thaw for 15 min. or so and bake. It's always great to know that I have a treat all prepared if I have some company show up unexpectedly.

And who doesn't enjoy hot cookies right out of the oven! These guys sure do! Obviously, they don't even have to be cooked to enjoy. But it is highly recommended... :)