Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Man vs. Wild & Two Little Blondies

We don't have cable television in our home so we are pretty ignorant of all the "must see" shows out today. This past weekend while visiting my parents, my sister turned Man vs. Wild on for her son and the other kiddos to watch. I just caught that it was a Discovery Channel show and didn't know much more than that. The ladies then reclined to one section of the front room while the children were watching their "nature" show on the other side.

All of a sudden, I hear noises--gasps and such coming from my girls, especially Jelena (3 y.o.) I look up from our grown up conversation to see a man biting off chunks of a snake that he was holding in his hands.

Me: Ahhh!!! What is he doing???

Faith: The man is eating a snake (in a voice expressing that she thought this was WAY cool!)

My Sister: Yeah, this is Man vs. Wild...he does stuff like that. Do you want me to turn it to something else?

Me: Umm...yeah (thinking--oh my girls are going to have nightmares over this...I know I'm going to have nightmares over this!)

My Sister then turns the channel to bull riding. are happy and no more men eating snakes. Just big boys trying to ride big cows. (I don't think God had this in mind when He created these beasts! )

Fast forward to later in the evening when I was getting the girls ready for bed...

Faith (5 y.o.): Mommy, did the man eat the head of the snake?

Me: I don't know honey, I wasn't watching.

Faith: I don't think he did. He just bit it off and spit it out.

Me: Oh, okay. (Feeling a little queasy now...)

Faith: He ate the body alright, I saw that. But I didn't see him pick up the head and eat it.

Me: Ummm...Faith, why don't you go in and use the potty?

Faith: Okay. (and happily off she goes to use the bathroom).

Jelena: Mommy?

Me: Yes, honey.

Jelena: (head tilted to the side for effect) Why did the man eat the snake?

Me: Sweetie...I have NO IDEA!

Prayers were said, kisses given, bodies tucked into bed amongst giggles because it is so very much fun to sleep over at Grandma's house. (We especially like that Nate and Mommy sleep in the same room.)

I turn to leave the room and put out the light.

Faith to Jelena: No...I don't think he ate the head...only the body.

Oh what a lovely bedtime story to end the day on. Thank you Discovery Channel!