Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Grateful Bounty

God is so very good to us! He is so good to me!

My past few days have been spent busily putting up yummies that, through the hands of God by others, our family has been so generously given.

I mentioned in the peeling apples posting a few days ago the bags of apples that a friend gave to me. Then this Monday my sister stopped by after a weekend visit with her husband’s family in farmland country. In the back of her truck, her family proceeded to pull out a bag of sweet onions and boxes of peaches, pears, apples and walnuts—yes, I have a box full of walnuts!

Never saw so many walnuts at one time in my life before...goofy little side note—I found it intriguing that they don’t look like walnuts while they grow on the tree. They come covered in a green, outer peel-like shell that then cracks and has to be pulled off. Hah! I didn’t know that! It was a learning day for Mom as well as for the children.

God IS the great provider. He provides us with opportunities to learn something new of His creation, get down and dirty in the kitchen, teach or learn new skills, say “thank you...we appreciate your kindness” and He provides us with the food to care for our families. For this time and for this family, it is enough for several meals.

We are so very grateful!

For this food, yes, but even more so for our bounty of family and friends and our Father. Our family journey is accompanied by some truly special people. Each one is necessary for who we are or for who we are becoming. That is what I am most grateful for this day, this morning—the bounty of love I enjoy as I travel this path.

If you are one of those friends or family...know today that you are loved and appreciated. We are so glad that God chose to have you walk alongside us!

And Father...please know today that you are loved as much as I know how to love you this day! I grow daily in the knowledge of just how very much You love me...Bountifully!

~picture’s contents; from l to r; peach jam, pears, applesauce, spiced peach jam, peaches and pear butter~