Thursday, August 28, 2008

Isn't She Lovely...Isn't She Wonderful!

No, this isn’t a post on Stevie Wonder, but a thanks to Danielle “the Wonder at blog design” for the beautiful new look she’s given this little corner of my world.

My patient new friend did such an incredible job! I look at those “kits” you’re supposed to choose from for design and can only hyperventilate. How she saw this in the midst, I will never know. This is definitely an area where I am creatively lacking.

This dear soul had to not only design but calm my worried worries as to how it would all turn out in the end. The path to this end involved several “redo’s” and “what do you think of this’s” and “I think I picked the wrong kit for me's”! Poor Danielle, I’m sure I was the most...umm...interesting (read as stressful) client she’s been blessed to work with yet in her one year of business.

Speaking of which, until Sunday she is having a sale on blog makeovers. She is celebrating her anniversary month from starting her business last August. I was one of the fortunate souls that just happened into her site on her one day, half-off sale celebrating her actual first day in business. Yippee!! As frugal as I love to be, nothing beats a great deal better than getting a lovely new friend to boot and a beautiful place to come visit.

Many thanks, Danielle! Your giftings are more appreciated than you know! Truly you have talent, not only in web design but in making friends and helping them to feel right at home in your creativity.

Thank you for making this special place truly, 100% me!