Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Will I Win My Child's Heart?

I am not guaranteed another “tomorrow” with my children…to do a “better” job, to read to them, to laugh and play, to encourage, to know, to simply “be” with. Keeping this truth in mind…how will I begin my day? Rested or tired because I stayed up too late? Starting my body on water or sugar? How will I discipline my time, my self…or will I get on the internet or telephone, turn on the television and lose my focus of intent? How will I direct our activities? Marking off a “to do” list, filling in workbook pages, completing the weekly chart for appearances sake or will I focus on loving, training, laughing with, guiding, coming alongside, enjoying, amazing, singing, being…? How will I speak to my children? With love, gentleness, understanding and humbled, yet strong determination…or frustration, a short-temper, bothered by accidents and realities of childlikeness? Will I walk with purpose today? What is my purpose? What are my higher standards? Do I know what they are and why? Do the children? Have I romanced my child’s heart to the point that each child is captured to me? Or could I lose a child to the evil one and the world’s influences? There is more to it than just being home together. Am I willing to make the next needed and necessary sacrifices for my children? Am I? Will I? The cost if I do not is extremely great. Even if I never lost a child to Satan would I be okay with not winning that child to myself? Am I wise to continually be thinking ahead? I do not have forever with them…I may not even have tomorrow. Time is going by quickly and every day’s choice concerning them has a consequence that affects the future. To “finish well” as I mother each child is firmly dependant on whether or not I “finish well” today!

March 23, 2004

As you can see from the date, I actually wrote this “statement” 4 years ago. WOW! God has been working in the hearts of my husband and me, as well as in the hearts of our children! We no longer have cable television in our home, so I can’t start the day with the “Today” show :). I try to begin each day with a tall glass of water before my favored cup of hot tea—let alone any sugar. We have drastically changed our eating habits as well. My day typically begins between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m., so I have learned to discipline myself in going to bed early. And we are big on learning from good, whole books around here, not workbooks...except for the 5 year old. :) She loves them workbooks!

Much more important than the aforementioned changes, God has continued to teach us to turn our hearts. Turn our hearts to each other here in our home as well as to Him. Do we get everything perfect? Absolutely not! I have my days that I go to bed disappointed with a comment or an attitude that I did not take “captive to Christ”. BUT! I can tell you that we are DEFINITELY not the same family that we were 4 years ago. He has taught us so much in His word and through Godly people and resources.

We never know how much time we will be given for our own spiritual growth and for teaching and loving on our family. Those children are always watching, perceiving... Each day builds on the one before, so it is never too early to take each day not just “coast” on through.

Like I said in the statement 4 years earlier, to “finish well” at the end of the journey is firmly dependant on whether or not I “finish well” today. How are your “todays” finishing? Are they uplifting, positive, Godly and fun...full of joy and love? I pray that they are and that each day we would continue to win the hearts of our children to ourselves and to our Abba Father! Amen!